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Olive Products







Olives are the cornerstone of the famously-healthy Mediterranean diet. A wholesome fruit rich in antioxidents, the olive contains the "good fat" that reduces your risk of heart disease.


Olives come in many colors, varieties, flavors and textures. Although inedible when first harvested, olives are transformed by curing process.

Our wide range of products consists of Green, Kalamata, Black and Confites (oxidized) olives. There are whole, pitted, stuffed, sliced and marinated olives available.

We stuff Green olives with a range of stuffing as almond, garlic, pimiento, red pepper paste, red natural pepper, sun dried tomato, red or green hot pepper (piri-piri), orange, cucumber, etc. or even with a combination of stuffing’s (double stuffed).

Furthermore we comply with the different packaging needs of the market. The olives may be packed in all possible packaging options including plastic barrels, tins, jars or Vacuum bags. Both fresh and on occasion, pasteurized or sterilized (confit).

Whole Olives

Black “Amfissa” olives, is a variety of olives produced in several regions of Central Greece 

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